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How To Make PowerPoint Text Look Great - 5 Secrets of the Pros


Here are five tried-and-true professional secrets tips for making text look great in your PowerPoint presentation.

1. Choose fonts that mirror the tone of your content
A more serious font, like Times New Roman, helps convey a serious message, or reach a conservative audience. If your presentation embraces technology, or looks to the future, choose a clean, modern-look font such as Verdana or Tahoma.

2. Consistency rules!
Set your text boxes in the Slide Master (View > Master > Slide Master) to use one or two fonts. Choose one font for your headline, and another for your subheadings. Each slide you create will have your font choices set in your template. You'll have a polished, consistent look.

3. Reset the line spacing
The default line spacing settings in PowerPoint result in too little space between bullet points and blocks of text.

To reset the line spacing, follow these simple steps:

A. In the upper menu, go to View > Master > Slide Master

B. Select the lines of bulleted text in the main body of the slide by clicking and dragging your cursor over them until they are highlighted. Be sure to select all the lines of text, not just one.

C. In the upper menu, go to Format > Line Spacing, and enter in the following settings.

d. Click OK. In the upper menu choose View > Normal to get out of the Slide Master.

Now, all the text you enter in your slides should format properly, with the correct amount of space between lines and bullet points. You can also adjust the line spacing of individual text boxes on a slide by simply going to Format > Line Spacing.

4. Italics are hard to read
Don't use italics to emphasize in your PowerPoint presentation; the effect will be the reverse of what you intend. Underlined words are also hard to read. Use these effects sparingly--if at all!

5. If you use a non-standard font, embed it
Most PCs have a commons set of Microsoft TrueType fonts, including Arial, Times New Roman, Tahoma, Verdana and Georgia. If you work with fonts different than these, and intend to have the presentation run on a differnet machine that may not have the fonts you are using, it is important to embed the font files into your presentation. Choose File > Save> Tools.

Then, choose Embed TrueType Fonts.

Now, the fonts you have used are a part of the PowerPoint file, so if they travel to another computer that doesn't have these same fonts installed, your text will show up exactly as you designed. 



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