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Presentation Articles – Tell a story

If you think that experienced presenter never make mistakes, you are wrong. No matter how long you are doing something, you will never achieve perfection. There is nothing wrong with that, on contrary, it is just a human’s thing. So, in order to make inexperienced presenters less nervous, we have a story. As you could have guessed, it is about one of our presenters with a lot of experience and success. He showed that we all have bad days, but that doesn’t make us less of a professional. Before we proceed with the story, here are some information about him. He is known for his confidence and the power of his smile. When you listen to him, you will believe him anything. That’s how good he is. Now, let’s skip to the story.

The Big Day

post1aWe had a big presentation coming and everybody was preparing for it months in advance. We needed new projects and new ideas. The day of the presentation came, but the main character of our story was running late. Meanwhile, others gave their presentation, and as the last presenter was about to wrap her presentation up, our guy came running in. He was out of breath with messy hair. We thought he overslept, even though it never happened to him before. He started his presentation, but something was off. He seemed lost and he didn’t make much sense. His presentation had a lot of pictures from cartoons which was more than odd. Then, he checked his notes, but his face was even more in shock. He mumbled something and sat down in disbelief. We asked him what was going on because none of it made sense. He smiled and said “Kids… I love them, but they really got me this time”

What’s Going On?

It turned out that his sons were mad at him. The day before, they wanted to spend some time with their dad, but he was busy with the presentation. During the night, the two of them made a plan. They wanted to get back at their father for ignoring them again. post1bPresentation He broke his promise and they weren’t planning on letting that go. The next morning, while their dad was drinking coffee, they took his laptop and ran away in the bathroom. They locked the door and started making some changes on his precious, more important presentation. Meanwhile, he finished his coffee and he needed to get right. As he walked in the bathroom, he noticed the laptop was gone. For the next half-hour, he ran around the house, but he couldn’t find it. After that, the boys opened the door and gave him the laptop.

All’s Well That Ends Well

He was confused and knew something was fishy, but he didn’t have time to check. Once he started his presentation, he began to realize what had happened. Instead of being angry, he laughed, and we all laughed with him. Still, it was an important meeting and we needed that presentation. We gave him some time that day and he was able to show us his idea. In the end, it all worked well.